Up, up and away…

Hot air balloon mobile

Hot air balloon mobile

On one of my many visits to Pinterest for inspiration and ideas for crafty things to busy myself with, I spotted a few hot air balloon nursery mobiles which looked really pretty.

A very dear friend is having a baby and I couldn’t resist the opportunity to have a go at making one myself. I found some expensive kits on Etsy but managed to track down a free tutorial on the Craftiness is not Optional website and after a buying a mountain of felt, got cracking.

The most fiddly part was cutting out all of the felt pieces and pinning them together but the stitching was straightforward and I really enjoyed seeing the balloons take shape. I love the effect of the layers on the balloons once they are stuffed.

There are some things I’d do differently if I was to make another – I think the stitching on the clouds could look better in a grey or black thread to make them stand out and I’d give myself a bit more time to make my stitches more tidy!

I chickened out of making the hanger myself – I don’t have the patience or tools – and struggled to find some for sale. There were some on Etsy which looked the same as in the tutorial but again, they were expensive. In the end, after much Google searching, I found one on the Fred Aldous website which was much more reasonable.

I reckon it took me about 10-12 hours in total and my friend was totally made up with it so that’s good enough for me!



2 thoughts on “Up, up and away…

  1. Thank you so much for the tip on where to get the hanger pieces from. I’ve really enjoyed making the balloons but had no idea where to go for the mobile kit itself. Now I know it’ll be ready for my first grandchild in October!

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