Queen of cross-stitch


This is the first cross-stitch that I’ve started from scratch and created a pattern of my own. In a year in which my mum and dad both turn 50, I wanted to make them something personal and this is the first result.

The finished product -  Queen lyrics cross-stitch

The finished product

Inspired by this Rapper’s Delight picture I found online, I thought something similar would be perfect for my music-loving dad. One of his favourite songs is You’re My Best Friend by Queen and it reminds him of my mum – perfect.

The worst part of the whole project was working out the pattern to make sure it would have the same number of letters on each line. Thankfully, there were some oohs and ohs to work with to make it fit neatly.

I chose a rainbow of thread colours to make it bright and cheerful and it didn’t take too long to complete – I reckon about 15 hours of stitching all together.

I used oatmeal aida again – it’s my favourite and looks nicer than white or cream in this case. I think so anyway. I got it framed by a nice chap at Mold Indoor Market and my dad was made up with it – success!

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